Generator Repair

Generator Repair

Is there a red light showing on your generator?

Is Mobile Link telling you there’s an error code or fault?

Did your generator miss its regular exercise time?

Or maybe your generator didn’t run at all during your last power outage. These could all be signs that your generator is in need of repair. Generators use an engine to operate, which means there are a multitude of mechanisms that keep these systems running smoothly. Just like your car, from time-to-time, you may run into an issue with your generator.

Sign of an oil leak.

Regular preventative maintenance does a lot to stave off common repairs like oil leaks and dead batteries, but occasionally more serious problems arise. Let one of our Generac-certified technicians put your mind at ease and diagnose your generator concerns.

We have a modest team of technicians with nearly a decade of experience in generator maintenance and repair. Five of our technicians are trained in repairs on air-cooled Generac generators sized 7kW to 26kW, while one technician on staff is certified in liquid-cooled Generac generators up to 150kW in size.

Performing repairs on a 38kW Generac Generator.

Our warehouse is stocked with parts for common machine sizes, and our dealer status with Generac allows us to order nearly any part we need for a repair if it’s not in stock. We’re also certified for warranty work, so if your generator is still covered under warranty, we handle submitting that information to Generac so that you don’t have to fuss with it.

Annual preventative maintenance is key to dependable power from your generator, which is why we’ll ask that you have us perform regular maintenance on your generator before we engage in any repairs. This allows us to provide you with discounted labor costs and, most importantly, 24/7/365 service in the future. To learn more about generator preventative maintenance, CLICK HERE.

A Generator in need of cleaning and repair.

Generators We Service:

  • Generac Automatic Generators size 7kW-26kW
  • Generac Commercial Generators size up to 150kW
  • Other automatic Generator brands that fall under the Generac umbrella: Carrier, Honeywell, Siemens, and Centurion.

Generators We DON'T Service:

  • Portable Generators of any brand (Generac included). We recommend you seek a local small engine repair shop for repair or maintenance on your portable generator.
  • Generac's Industrial Generator line. This is generators sized OVER 150kW. Our technicians are not certified for these machines.
  • Kohler, Cummins, or Champion brand generators. We recommend you seek out your nearest dealer as we are not certified for these brands.

You purchased your generator to feel safe and comfortable during a power outage. If your generator isn't currently operational, give us a call so we can discuss next steps and get you feeling secure again.